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Most popular and generous advisors of diverse backgrounds

Below is the list advisors who are the most popular among our community. Renown CEOs, game-changing startup founders, distinguished academics, award-winning writers, and world-shaping visionary leaders are now just one click away from sharing with you their expert advice on books. If you are interested in specific people as opposed to our aggregated lists, this is a great place to start. Don’t forget you can always use the search tab to find the people or content you’re looking for. Happy book hunting!

Tom Peters


Barack Obama

Former USA President

Bill Gates


Steve Blank


Kevin Kelly

Editor, writer, photographer, conservationist

Tim Ferriss

Entrepreneur, author and podcaster

Tony Robbins

Author, life coach

Adam Grant

Psychologist and author

Daniel Pink

Author, journalist

Jordan Peterson

Writer, professor of psychology

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Recognized for

Fortune 500 CEO
Unicorn CEO/Founder
Nobel Laureate
Pulitzer Prize Winners
Tim Ferris Show Guest
Thinkers 50
Distinguished University Professor
Peder Zane's Top 125