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{ naʊn plural rendors }
An Endorsement Made By
A Remarkable Person
Rendors will help you discover top-notch books by connecting you to endorsements of most remarkable people. Despite all the trends, hype, and meaningless 5-star reviews you can follow the opinions that matter.

Did you ever wonder...

if there can be a better way to find great books than judging by reviews (often sponsored and biased) from people you don’t even know?

Your people reco-system

Friends are often great at giving recommendations, but sometimes tastes are very different, and they can’t always know about all the great books out there.

Discover the better way

Rendors can help by intelligently organizing book endorsements from the most remarkable people whose opinions you care for.

Browse advisors by categories

We organized people by categories of achievement (e.g Fortune 500 CEO, Pulitzer Prize Winner, Unicron Startup Founder, Nobel Laureate, etc.). You can discover the most recommended books as judged by the collective opinion of each category. Additionally, you can segment those books by genre.

Visit pages of particular advisors

You can browse individual pages of your favorite advisors to see their personal favorites.

Visit book pages

On a book page, you can see who recommended it. Also, read additional comments advisors made along with endorsements.

100% Verified

All rendors (remarkable endorsements) in our database have link proof verifications. All recommendations are verified!

Join the cause, earn prizes

Additionally, you can help us fill-in currently absent recommendations and earn points which you can exchange for gift books & audiobooks! (coming soon)

Let’s read better books together!

We hope we can help you find your next great read! We would love to hear from you any questions, comments, or suggestions!
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